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Air test guru is a leading Mold testing company for West Hollywood territory; we started this company in the year 2003 with our elaborate experience of twenty five years in renovation field, being in this industry for a long we understand how small things can affect our quality of life?

Take in case of Molds which are microbes that cannot be seen with our naked eyes but the ill effects caused by them are more, starting from allergy to other respiratory problems, so it's best to conduct the molds testing by a certified company like us, as our service includes different steps in all our projects like

  • Visual inspection - through visual inspection in different rooms in the place
  • Sampling - Collecting samples from few suspect areas
  • Testing and Reporting - complete testing is through self-determining qualified labs and based on the results the reports will be given within 24 hrs of time
  • Recommendations and removal - According to the customer need a reputed remediation provider may be suggested
  • Final air sampling - After completing the remediation or cleaning process the air samples of the same rooms will be taken in order to make sure the contamination level has decreased.

These steps will ensure you that the professional hand is dealing the molds testing in your property. So send a message or call to us now!

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