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Lack of immunity or facing frequent respiratory problem or skin irritation is occurring in your body or with your loved ones and it hurts badly, the reason might be molds in your place, conducting the regular molds tests and inspection can control this issue easily do you know how we conduct molds testing in Thousand Oaks with Air Test Guru, the steps like

  • Complete Visual inspection for hidden areas like under the furniture, carpets, water stains and musty odor in air will be conducted.
  • Sampling process will be done by collecting few samples from different corners of the place
  • Testing and reporting step will be taken based on the detailed result received from the independent labs where accuracy is assured.
  • According to the molds type, growth and toxic level involved, health risk will be furnished, so you can decide on the remediation process
  • At the end of remediation process air samples of the same room where ones molds are found, this is to make sure that the area is cleaned and remediation process is success.

Since we are only dealing with the testing and inspection of molds alone so no purpose of making profit with it since no remediation process is done, this is the secret of our success.

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