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Molds are microbes that might found in any corner of a house; According to EPA there are 50-100 types of molds that can be found in a house, as it requires good level of moisture in the air for the molds to grow well. the problem with the molds can causing breathing problems, Skin irritation, sore throat, fever or flu like symptoms are common, if the area is clean where moist level is high the growth of the molds will not be much.

Molds can probably grow in any corners of the house like under the furniture, ceiling tiles, shower in bathroom or alike where the level of humidity is high. Since it possesses the health hazard the professional hand to help you out is required, so thanks to Air test Guru, who does molds testing in Tarzana in an effective manner.

The fast arrival and engaging the qualified technicians stands as a unique point and help them getting the 100% customer satisfaction. They are licensed, bonded and insured apart from getting approval from Los Angeles Health care department to carry on the molds inspection and testing. The samples are tested by the certified labs so the results will be exact and no chance of discrepancy is allowed.

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