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Simi Valley's popular Mold testing services is handled by Air test guru, which was started in the year 2003, where molds inspection and testing is undertaken with complete care, the specialty lies completely on timely arrival and make use of qualified technicians who are the real time trained people in dealing all types of molds, mildews and other types of bacteria that are possible to grow.

Molds are the microbes which will grow in moist or humid temperature, so untouched areas of Sunlight, damp areas like basement where less or no air is circulated will be the common areas for one to find the microbes growth.

The microbes are threat to us since it can raise air borne diseases and respiratory problems in our place, so it' s best to inspect and test the growth level of molds around us, however around 50- 100 types of molds can be found in a house from which very few types can be dangerous. Under the professional hand you can easily get rid of molds, as the inspection will be done with complete care followed by the collection of samples from the place which will be send to independent certified labs for testing, based on the analysis and test results reports are made with details.

The Reports will be given to you with in 24 hrs of time from the schedules inspection, so accuracy is assured.

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