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Performing the molds test is not an easy task as it seems, it requires a complete professional hand to handle one, wearing gloves, goggles and other safety measures has to be followed strictly, even the facial mask has to wear to ensure no particles of molds and its spores can inside our body, one should avoid breathing in molds and molds spores as this can trigger the allergens,

Don't want to take all these difficulties on your shoulders but need a mold free area in your place, very simple just call us we are air test guru who are expert in Mold testing performed in Santa Monica since 2003, that made us a familiar name in the field of molds inspection and testing, We are speculated to serve the individual houses, flats, offices and other commercial buildings.

Only qualified technicians are involved in the process of molds testing so the proper care in testing the molds will be given, the technicians are also well trained on handling the different types of molds, mildews and other types of bacteria in any corner of the place. We do complete inspection and collect the samples from the place and submit to the certified labs and along with our analysis we deliver the detailed report to you

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