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Are you looking for the molds testing service in North Hollywood?

Then know about Air test Guru first, we are the leading service provider in Hollywood for both Molds inspection and testing since 2003, started the company with the help of more than twenty five years of experience in the renovation industry. Our specialties are

  • Arrival on the location is very fast
  • Engage only qualified technicians
  • We are completely licensed, bonded and insured
  • Best for all types of residential and commercial construction
  • Customer satisfaction

When we fix up a schedule with you, you can expect the right time arrival from us, in case of urgent call, we are never more than 90 min away. Same way the technicians are qualified and well trained according to the industry standards, so they hold the in depth knowledge of all types of molds, mildews and other types of bacteria.

We undertake detailed steps in every project, which starts with the visual inspection by looking for the visual microbial bustle and through odor followed by collecting the samples from your place to submit for the testing process, As a third step we submit the samples for lab testing subsequently recommendations and removal of molds are made resulting in the final air sampling test to make sure that the molds remediation process conducted is effective and clean.

To know more about services just call us now at 800-413-4321 or log in to our website at

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