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Are you looking for the molds testing service to be performed at North Hills?

Then you need to know about the Air test guru first, the professionally qualified technicians are effectively trained to inspect and test all types of molds. Since they are the trained professionals, the care and effectiveness is assured in the services rendered. Molds are microscopic so visual inspection alone will not be effective thus they collect some samples from the place and forwarded to the self-regulating labs which can give the accurate result. Further these results will be analyzed with the inspection reports and based on the analysis the final report will be drafted and delivered to you.

The final report given to you will contain the details of type of molds, contamination level and apparent health risk involved, as this data can help you to take up the remediation procedure accordingly, In air test guru the molds inspection and testing are done and no remediation process is carried on so no intention of profit making by finding molds in your property will be held.

Our specialty lies in effective engagement of technicians and on time arrival so the best care is ensured with professionalism. Particularly molds testing service in North Hills, including the report delivery the entire process will take just 24hrs of time with not more than 90 min of arrival time, since we take health risk seriously.

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