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Environmental services of Air test guru is famous in southern California, from the year of 2003, specially the Mold testing in Mission Hills. The idea to start the molds inspection and testing has begun with the highly structured experience in the renovation company for the past twenty years of time. As we believe that "the quality of life begins with the quality of air" so the need of understanding where we live is very important.

Since we don't see molds it doesn't mean it's absent but the professional method of inspecting and testing molds can let us know that what type of molds and toxics are present in the air. This will make us aware of many troubles around us. In the professional molds testing services the qualified technicians will be evolved who received the finest training in inspecting all types of molds, mildews and other types of bacteria in our place.

After the testing is done in the right manner the samples found in the place will be sent to independent labs for testing, at the end of the test results are analyzed with the molds inspection and made a collective report of mold type found, toxic level, probable health risk involved will also be entered based on the report you can take the further remediation steps.

Air test Guru provides molds testing and inspection services and not dealing with the remediation process so no money making intention by finding molds in your place. So conduct a molds testing service with us now!

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