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Have you conducted the mold testing in your resident, flat and office? If no is your answer read further.

According to EPA,
  • there are around 50 - 100 types of molds that are potential to grow in the house hold area,
  • although not all are potential to raise serious health problems, but the few types of molds can trigger the allergies, respiratory problems, skin irritation, sore throat, runny or burning eyes etc.
  • If there is no control or proper care for the symptoms this can lead further serious problems like immunity problem, nervous trouble etc.
  • It's advisable to prevent from it soon.

So are you looking for the safety and professional molds testing service in Culver City?

Then you reached the right place to find one, we are air test guru, a leading mold testing company in Culver City since 2003, our services are very popular for the fast arrival and professional technicians. Since our technicians are highly trained to find different types of molds, mildew and other types of bacteria in your place.

We are equipped well with all types of tools required, so the proper inspection can be done, we collect samples and give them for testing to the certified and independent labs so accuracy is assured.

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