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How do I know the presence of molds in my resident? Can it lead to health problems as well?

Surprisingly, the answer is with the professional hand it's possible to know the molds presence in the place however as easy technique one can feel through his or her sense like musty odor in air, water stains and alike. But one cannot take this as a final result because it is unclear result. In order to make sure that the presence of molds and its types one can easily opt for opt for the testing company like Air test guru who do Mold testing in Calabasas.

Services done under the professional certified and trainer technicians are handled with care, since the knowledge on the presence of the molds, mildews and other bacteria are depth, the testing is conducted through only independent labs so the exact results are assured,

The certifications and credentials achieved by us are

  • EAA
  • EPA
  • CRA

Along with approval by Los Angeles Health care department, apart from taking responsibility on our each project.

One testing on molds will help you to understand our style of working so speak to us now!

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