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We undertake the mold testing services in Beverly Hills; our service is very popular in the locality and we are called as Air test guru by all, started in the year of 2003 with the strong belief that "the quality of life starts with the quality of air", so started the molds inspecting and testing services from California, We are certified, insured and bonded company helping thousands of people in identifying the contamination and specialized in Molds testing,

Our certified technicians are highly trained in testing all types of molds who will inspect in all moist area including basement, kitchen, window sill and other potential areas. As this will be paradise for molds, mildews and other types of bacteria to grow; it is practically not possible for us to find the presence of molds through naked eyes alone because they are microbes so there is strong need of professional hand is required.

Professionally trained technicians will analyze and collect samples which will be sent to the independent certified labs for testing which ensures the accurate results; at times people will conduct the molds inspection when there is a arise of serious health problem but as a preventive step we recommend to conduct the molds testing at least twice or once a year, according to the level of molds growth in your place.

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