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Can you see some white thread-like growths or clusters of small black specks in humid bathrooms or basement walls? Could you smell a musty odor in any corner of your home? May be itís an indication on Growth of Molds or mildew in your property. But how to make sure its presence in the location, can you try? One cannot rely completely on the senses so a professional hand is required to help you out, so what to do?

Easy just give us call or send a message, we will arrive your door step and carry out a complete molds inspection Thousand Oaks, with the assistance of certified professional who are the skilled hand in inspecting molds like other bacteria from all nook and corner of your resident and office.

We arrive on the schedule basis so the inspection can be done at your best time constraint. Since our specialization lies on molds inspection we donít cash upon by locating one in your property as no remediation procedure is undertaken.

Many are not much aware on the health risk created by molds that includes respiratory issues, migraine, fever and more, if the right analysis on the trigger is found which might be molds, we could save hundreds of dollars on doctors and medicines.

So act now and call us to schedule an inspection soon.

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