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Where can I find a good mold inspection service provider? Will there be one in Tarzana? Is it conducted in a professional manner? Like these many questions are popping into the mind of many people around us, but the answer is easy, call Air test Guru, who are delivering their service in the field since 2006.

Mold inspection in Tarzana is conducted more by us; we are well established in Tarzana, Where our expert techniciansí team is ready to inspect your individual property, residents, office and other commercial places, since microbes like molds can be found in any corner of the place we do the complete inspection in all sides, the trained technicians are well known for their expertise to inspect the presence of molds from kitchen, basement, walls and other areas where the humidity will be high.

Our services is also a approved by Los Angeles Health care Department and list of certificate and credentials are given below

  • EAA
  • EPA
  • CRA

So professional task completion is assured, the report at the end of the 24hrs of inspection will be filled with complete details on types of molds, Toxic level found, possible health hazards. Since we donít deal with remediation process no purpose of making a report stating the presence of molds in found.

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