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People in mission Hills know us well, we are the Air test guru, dealing with the Mold inspection services in Mission Hills from the year 2006. The services include mold inspection and testing in and around the California.

Since we clutch a long and deep experience in molds and mildew inspection, the better understanding of the health risk caused by them are well known to us. If you find the respiratory problems, skin irritation, nasal and sinus congestion, fever like symptoms which might reoccur with no other reason might be caused by molds around us, this is a solvable issue if the controlling measures are taken at the right time.

Proper professional hand in molds inspection is required, as they can cause severe health problems as well, our technicians’ handle the molds like an icing on the cake and they are well updated on the types of molds, mildews and other related bacteria’s presence through the latest equipment. So the exact result is assured.

After completing the inspection, we will provide you a detailed report with inspection analysis, lab test reports and consultation on the preventive measures, which can help you, further, since we are not dealing the remediation process inspecting molds are made with no profit making intention.

So utilize our service immediately, call us and schedule an appointment now!

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