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Have you conducted Mold Inspection in Hollywood? If your answer is no. call Air test Guru for Mold inspection in Hollywood at once. Having an inspection and testing on mold can prevent your whole family from getting affected from various infection and diseases. Molds in a house can be 50 to 100 types say EPA.

The good inspection will locate infestations, cause and suggest preventive measures to facilitate molds. These are well understood by us. Our technicians are well qualified and experienced in mold inspection and testing so the report to you will be given with the type of mold, toxic level found in it and suggest some ideas to prevent will be given.

We are the experienced hand in the field so only certified technicians and best testing results from independent labs are provided, however Our service is a well known for the timely arrival and use of invasive moisture meter that could detect moisture content in the walls.

At times it won’t be a big problem when handled on time but it may become a giant size problem when ignored. As a consultative measure we find it best to do the molds inspection twice a year, according to the increase in number.

Since we provide only Molds inspection and testing no business purpose is left as no remediation process is conducted.

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