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Do you know how many types of molds can grow in a household area?

According to EPA around 50 - 100 types of molds can grow in the untouched corners of your house. Well the positive part is not all the types of molds are dangerous but few categories can give a severe health problem. Since itís a microbe one can sense of musty smell due to its presence but this alone cannot be taken as molds presence, so having a professional hand will help you find the accurate presence of molds.

To assist you in finding the mold inspection we are there at your service, we are commonly called as air test guru; we are doing Mold inspection in Glendale since 2006, we treat the molds problems seriously due to it health risk by the careful and professional inspection in all corners of your house.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced in inspecting the molds and other related bacteria present in your property, after inspection, few samples will be collected to know what types of molds are growing around, these samples will be taken to the certified labs for testing as this ensures the exact accuracy in the results.

At the end of process we will furnish you with report made out of careful analysis on type of mold found and toxic level in it So protect yourself and your loved ones from molds so carry out a mold inspection today!

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