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We won't know until what a mold can do to us? Until we get affected by it,

Be Smart and take a preventive action now, Mold Inspection in Culver City by Air Test Guru is a leading mold inspection and testing Team delivering the best to maintain your families health.

Many are not aware on who can get caught up by the molds like kids, elders, pregnant women and others with less immunity, Here we inspects on molds in your entire home including walls, toilets and give a detailed consultation on mold type found and toxic level in it by analyzing the samples.

Fast and effective is what our priority is so our service has to be made within 90 minutes of time, since our service is kept under for molds inspection and testing only and not in remediation process so no aim in profit making is involved.

As a Preventive measure we also give Consultative suggestions on Health hazard involved, preventive steps required and permanent solutions on mold growth on reoccurring area.

Our service is delivered for both Individual and commercial property, where customer satisfaction is highly prioritized. So as a suggestive measure we request you to do the mold inspection every six months once. So call us or fill in the response message now

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