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Searching for the molds inspection and testing at Chatsworth? The Answer is here with us. Air test guru is one of the leading mold inspections in Chatsworth and we are at your service and ready to arrive at your place with not more than 90 min of time.

Engaging qualified technicians who are highly updated on the inspecting molds, mildews and other related bacteria from all corners of the location, including toilets, walls and basement where the level of humidity will be high.

Not many are aware about molds, as they are microbes spread around in the areas where less or no sunlight and fresh air can pass through, it may be visible sometimes but not all the times, one can find it through musty odor again this cannot be taken as accurate result so proper professional hand is required

With us the technicians knew very well on the possible areas of molds growth like corners, walls, ceiling tiles so the accurate area will be reached and the right reports can be delivered, apart from inspection we also send some samples to the certified labs to get the exact result.

Call us now and get the best molds inspection done in the property.

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