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Air test Guru leading molds inspection service providers in Burbank, our services are preferred by many due to our fast arrival time and engaging the right professionals. Apart from the many benefits like

  • On time arrival of technicians
  • In-depth knowledge in inspecting molds, mildews and other similar microscopic fungus
  • We are dealing with only molds inspection and testing and not delivering service on remediation process so no business motive to find the molds in your place
  • Only certified technicians are engaged so no chance of improper information
  • Samples are tested only by qualified and self-sufficient labs
  • Results, analysis and detailed reports within 24 hrs of time from the time of first arrival
  • Details in the report includes molds type, contaminated level and feasible health risk involved

Our satisfied customer have given many more testimonials on our service so no wonder due to our professional ethics and customer friendliness at work, As a Suggestive measure we recommend for molds inspection on once or twice in a year, according to the need

So be smart and take the proper step to carry out molds inspection immediately so that you can lead a healthy and happy life.

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