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Are you the suffering from any respiratory problem, Skin irritation, flu?

May be Mold is the trouble maker in this problem. According to EPA 50-100 types of Molds can be found in a house, that can be present in any corner of your house to grow up, not all types of molds are dangerous but they have the potential to give you ill effects in health.

Molds can cause symptoms like allergies, migraines; skin irritation etc. sometimes if the symptoms ignored it may lead to severe immune or nervous problems. So as a preventive measure one can

  • Proper Use of Dehumidifier
  • progress Air Circulation inside the rooms
  • Handle Spills leaks carefully
  • Get the mold inspection done on periodical basis

Yes mold inspection of Beverly Hills plays a vital role in the home and office maintenance, Here Air Test Guru is present at your service in Beverly Hills, we give the expert suggestions related to environment and sanitation issue from the year of 2006.

We hold the experienced and well qualified technicians in the process so best care is given moreover we send Samples to independent labs are analyzed by a certified and independent lab

Here we believe that "the quality of life starts with the quality of air", that is the reason we do only mold inspection and testing but not the remedy so no profit making involved in finding mold in your place.

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