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Administrating a residential house or a commercial building is not cake walk for many, as it includes many processes including mold inspection, pest control etc, which might be demanding step for one's property.

As the same feeling is shared by many, so we at air test guru conduct the Mold inspection at Agoura Hills in a professional manner. Our services is known for the trained technicians and proper time keeping, Performance of mold testing and inspection is done with the best care, so only accurate and detailed reports are handed over to you. Even the samples tested are given to the certified and autonomous labs for exact results.

We understand the Health Risks involved in the molds and mildews growth around us, so the careful and professional touch in the inspection is assured. Sometimes chronic illness may get suppressed by the proper understanding and controlling the molds growth in the locality

Our service is limited in inspecting and testing molds and other similar bacteria and not in remediation process so we make absolutely no profit by finding the molds in your place, but the inspection can help you to check the presence and growth of molds and mildews and help you in prevention and controlling.

Our service is well recognized since 2006 that made many of our satisfied customers to give us testimonials on their experiences, so you too can benefit from it by utilizing the service.

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